USA TODAY Sports’ Tom Pelissero recaps the recent NFL owner vote that will move the Oakland Raiders to Las Vegas.

If you’re fan of Trevor Siemian or Paxton Lynch, it’s OK to exhale.

If you were hoping for Tony Romo, try not to clench.

This on-again, off-again romance with the Dallas Cowboys’ quarterback appears to be? Off.

I put it to John Elway directly Monday during a break from the NFL owners’ meetings. If Romo is released next week, would the Broncos talk to him?

“It’s not the intent to go that direction,’’ Elway said.


It’s been known for months the Broncos would not entertain acquiring Romo through trade. However, the Broncos were expected to make a play for Romo if he were to be released to free agency.

That was back on March 8, the eve of free agency. When Cowboys’ owner Jerry Jones contradicted reports by not releasing Romo, it appeared the Broncos gradually cooled.

A person familiar with Denver’s plans said it wasn’t necessarily Romo’s injury history that increasingly concerned the Broncos as how quickly those injuries occurred in recent years. The person spoke on condition of anonymity for competitive reasons.

Romo broke his left collarbone twice in three games in 2015. After missing the rest of that season, he returned in 2016 only to suffer a compression fracture in his back during his second preseason series of 2016.

Three big hits and three breaks for Romo. That may be overstated, but only slightly.

Still, until the “intent” to not pursue Romo is changed to “will not” pursue Romo, his story will have life in Denver. There are always ways to structure a contract, after all, to protect a team against another injury from a fragile…