Northern Colorado Doctor Exploring New Non-Surgical Methods for Treating Neck Pain

A bone marrow concentrate injection may be a reasonable non-surgical treatment option for patients with degenerative cervical disc neck pain. That’s great news for those who were suffering painful symptoms and left without promising treatment options.

Millions of patients in the United States suffer from chronic neck pain due to degenerated cervical discs, the six discs in the spine that support the neck. Patients suffering from degeneration in one disc may be able to try a surgical solution such as a cervical disc fusion or the insertion of an artificial disc. If the pain originates in two or more of the cervical discs, though, many patients discovered that their surgical options were limited and they might be left with only palliative care options to mask their painful symptoms.

One Northern Colorado doctor is out to change that. Retired orthopedic surgeon Dr. Kenneth Pettine has been researching the use of using injection of bone marrow concentrate to treat degenerative diseases of the cervical spine. Bone marrow concentrate contains stem cells, which can help stimulate the growth of bone and tissue within the body. Dr. Pettine is specifically interested in the use of mesenchymal stem cells, which have anti-inflammatory properties and may be able to help with the degeneration of the discs.

In a recent study, Dr. Pettine tested the bone marrow concentrate on 182 patients from ages 18 to 80, giving them injections into the cervical discs causing them pain. Patients showed improvement at follow up appointments at six months, one year, and two years after the injections were given. No patients experienced complications from the injections and none had to have surgery.

“The results indicate a bone marrow concentrate injection…

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