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Throughout the history of the App Store, I feel like we’ve had practically every variety imaginable of dual stick shooters. Hell, we’ve even had dual stick looters, but a no stick shooter? That sort of thing is worthy of The People’s Eyebrow. Well, it turns out this no stick shooter, which consequently is also named No Stick Shooter [$1.99] is an unbelievably frantic game that’s most easily described as Missile Command with some interesting twists. It’s a little too stressful of a game for me, but in a world where gamers go absolutely wild for unbelievably fast-paced games like Geometry Dash [$1.99] I can definitely see the appeal.

Originally released in 1980, it’s a little hard to believe there’d be anyone reading TouchArcade who hasn’t played some variety of Missile Command. Whether you’re playing the original with a trackball, some Flash variety with a mouse, or on your iPhone with your finger, the idea is you have incoming enemies and instead of shooting them directly you’re lobbing missiles to specific locations, which then explode, and that explosion radius is what eventually blows up your enemies.

The core of No Stick Shooter is remarkably similar. In the earliest levels, yellowish orbs come flying towards your cannon. You tap on the screen to counter-attack, playing exactly like Missile Command. Things quickly ramp up, and instead of a few random yellow orbs floating your way, giant formations of them spawn sort of like the red dots in Tilt to Live [$2.99]. You’d think “Oh well that sounds pretty easy, you can just spam your taps and spread explosions all over the screen.” The problem there is that your weapons have energy that quickly recharges, so you’ve really got to be strategic with your shots otherwise you’ll be stuck in low-power mode briefly which significantly diminishes your offenses.

Once you get the hang of all that, the game throws you another curve ball with larger orbs which take three shots to kill. On the next level, you…

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