Newton Group Transfers is Celebrating Over 13 Years in Business

Every timeshare is different, but we offer real protections for timeshare owners by assuming liability for all fees related to the timeshare throughout the duration of the transfer.

Newton Group Transfers ― a timeshare transfer company with offices headquartered in Gilbert, Arizona ― is celebrating over 13 years as a trusted and reliable source for those owners who are looking to transition from their ownership. Providing services directly to timeshare owners seeking a trusted removal service is something that had previously been lacking in the industry, and Newton Group Transfers has gone above and beyond to answer that call throughout their distinguished history.

Given the nature of the timeshare exit industry, many companies have come and gone because they don’t have their clients’ best interests at heart. In one common scenario, these companies conduct business under several different names so that they can quickly abort these monikers once their reputation sours. When this occurs, owners who have entered into a relationship with these companies are left out in the cold with no way to recoup the money they have already invested trying to exit their property. Not only that, but they’re still in the same spot they were when they started: paying fees for a timeshare they don’t use, don’t want, can’t afford, or some combination of the three.

Conversely, Newton Group Transfers refuses to hide behind fraudulent naming techniques or other backhanded tactics. Instead, they have persevered on behalf of their clients these 13 years by doing great work, engaging in open and honest conversations with their clients, and providing financial security that other companies simply don’t match. Says Gordon Newton, President of Newton…

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