New WORX Ai Drill Masters DIY Projects With Advanced Intelligence

Use WORX Ai Drill to build raised bed

There’s a new drill on the market and the word is out that the WORX® Ai Drill™ is packing Advanced Intelligence. No, this drill doesn’t talk back, but it’s the only driver in the marketplace with its combination of features including the exclusive BitLock™, SafeDrive, and PulseAssist.

“Advanced intelligence can be defined as the capability of a machine to imitate intelligent human behavior, and that’s just what our engineers had in mind when they developed the Ai Drill,” said Jeanne White, WORX Senior Product Manager. “The Ai drill is almost intuitive. It’s so easy to use that first time users and do-it-yourselfers will breeze through home and craft projects.”

The Ai Drill has three drive modes including drill, SafeDrive and PulseAssist, which are activated by touch sensitive keypads on the top of the drill.

BitLock is a key feature of the WORX Ai Drill. Load a drill or driver bit into the tool’s chuck, and its motorized jaws not only tightens but self-centers the bit, and does it with 30 percent more torque than hand tightening. The motorized jaws also run in reverse to release the bit when it‘s time to swap bits or for storage. To engage BitLock, simply turn and hold the collar ring until the chuck’s jaws have tightened or loosened the bit.

Most cordless drills have clutch settings. The user selects the setting based on the material in which they’re drilling holes or driving screws. The WORX Ai Drill has no clutch settings. It relies entirely on the tool’s internal electronics to safely drill holes, drive and remove screws, regardless of the work material.

When SafeDrive is selected, it delivers just the right amount of torque necessary to drive the screw and…

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