A new barber shop on the west end of Staunton opens, fresh ice cream is to be sold at Mount Crawford Creamery and a new Waynesboro portrait studio opens thanks to a grant program — here’s the buzz.

West end’s new barber shop

After the Armstrong’s Barber Shop closed down earlier this year, Nearly New Thrift Shoppe owners Joe and Holly Humphrey were looking for ways to revive the shopping center their store is in. i

Nearly New Thrift Shoppe is located just a few doors down from the barber shop and the Humphreys noticed lots of people approaching the closed shop.

So, they decided to open the barber shop back up.

“I had seen how busy it was, then when it closed we kept seeing people pull up and then leave,” Joe Humphrey said. 

With Armstrong’s leaving, that also meant the salon next to the barber shop closed up and then the Dew Drop Inn, a music venue that was short lived, closed as well. Gary Ingram, who also owns Beverley Street Convenience, bought up the property and is leasing out the spots. 

Joe Humphrey is managing the barber shop and the couple leases the property from Ingram. They even brought back two of the former barbers — Alex Swecker and John Barnes — and have put all new equipment in and cleaned up the joint. 

“I just wanted an old fashioned barber shop like when I grew up,” Joe Humphrey said. 

To lots of west enders, the shop will always been known as Shorty’s, for Shorty’s Barbershop, which was around for more than 50 years. 

The community has been overwhelmingly supportive, the Humphreys said. 

“We’ve heard nothing but good things that this has opened,” Holly Humphrey said. She hopes it helps bring more life to the west end. 

The couple has had their thrift…