New ‘paint and sip’ art studio opens in Sumner

Puyallup resident Lori Paine was 5 years old when she first remembers having the urge to create art.

At that age, she often watched her aunt paint, and she was so inspired by the process that she started painting herself.

“I was so impressed with it that I just started sketching faces,” said Paine, 59. “I’ve always had this passion for portraits in particular.”

I was so impressed with it that I just started sketching faces. I’ve always had this passion for portraits in particular.

Lori Paine, owner of Voilà Art Studio

As a self-taught artist, Paine spent decades learning how to paint by practicing and watching other artists. Now, with her new business, Voilà Art Studio, she gets to teach others the same way.

Voilà Art Studio opened in February and is a “paint and sip” studio in downtown Sumner, where those interested in a creative night out can register for an evening of painting.

After signing up for a class, each customer gets their own easel station to paint at. Paine — or another instructor — begins with a finished painting. Then, she follows through the steps of creating the painting while the customers, prepped with snacks and wine or other drinks, follow along.

“I set up the original (painting), then lead them through the painting,” Paine said.

There’s even a real-time camera, so that those near the back of the room can see her painting techniques up close.

“I think (the camera) is unique to our studio,” she said.

Each class is about three hours long. By the end of it, the painters can take home their works of art.

“People come and they discover they like it,” Paine said. “The main objective is fun.”

For most of her life, Paine painted for fun. In high school, she painted portraits for $2 for other students. But that was as far as her early business took her. Instead, Paine joined the medical field and worked as a nurse for 27 years.

Lori and her husband, Greg, have been together for 11 years. Greg knew painting was an…

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