New Faces Millie Bobby Brown and Ron Cephas Jones Break Into Emmy Supporting Race

Emmy voters are often creatures of habit, content to reward the usual suspects. But this year, the supporting category offers a lot of opportunities for new faces to break in. The diverse group of vets and newbies invited to the party include Jackie Hoffman (“Feud: Bette and Joan”), Chrissy Metz and Ron Cephas Jones (“This Is Us”), Alexander Skarsgard and Shailene Woodley (“Big Little Lies”), Samira Wiley (“The Handmaid’s Tale”) and David Harbour and Millie Bobby Brown (“Stranger Things”).

For 13-year-old British actress Brown, playing the enigmatic, buzz-cutted Eleven on the Duffer brothers retro Netflix drama “Stranger Things” represents a couple of firsts. “It was my first big break and really my first proper acting job,” she says. “When we were shooting [the first season] we never thought it’d be this big, and it’s kind of crazy to realize how many people have responded to it and my character, this outcast.”

Brown says “most, if not all” her scenes in the first season were “quite hard to do, because I had so few lines and you have to convey all the emotions and thoughts without any words.” It’s been estimated that she speaks barely 250 words through the entire first season.

“I remember when [the Duffers] told me I had to shave all my hair off, and it was really hard. I looked just like a boy, and people laughed at me when I went places, they thought I was so weird-looking.”

The toughest scene to play? “It was episode four, when I’m being carried down a hallway by some security guards,” she says. “It was the second scene of me crying, so I was already very emotional.”

To deal with the emotion and to help her access her feelings, Brown turned to singer Adele and her weepy epic soul ballad “Hello.” “It came out on October 23, 2015, the very same day I shot the scene, and I just sat in my trailer listening to it on ear-buds and getting very…

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