Neil Gorsuch’s wife, Louise: The outdoorsy, religious Brit who captured his heart

Shortly after Neil M. Gorsuch was sworn in as America’s newest Supreme Court justice last week, he showed off his tender side: He hugged his wife, Louise, and then gently rested his head on her shoulder. 

Toward the end of his remarks that day, Gorsuch turned to his wife, who was behind him and said: “To my wife, Louise, and my daughters, Emma and Bindy, thank you for your perseverance and your patience, your courage and your love. I simply could not have attempted this without you.” 

Marie Louise Gorsuch was holding the family Bible at the ceremony and has been Gorsuch’s partner for more than 20 years. While the confirmation process revealed much about Gorsuch, little is publicly know about his wife.


But here’s what is known: The British native comes from a religious upbringing and holds degrees in both history and philosophy. She met her future husband while she was attending graduate school at Oxford. He was a law student there and they met on a blind date in 1995.

A romance blossomed and a year later the couple married at St. Nicholas’ Church in Henley-on-Thames in Britain. They eventually moved to Virginia, where Louise worked before starting a family. Their first daughter Emma was born in 1999, followed by Belinda in 2001.

They lived a modest life in a “tiny apartment,” as he said during his confirmation hearing.

In 2006, the future Supreme Court justice became a federal appeals judge and the family moved to Colorado, where his wife continued enjoying the outdoor activities she embraced in the UK – horseback riding, skiing and running with her dogs.


“My favorite time spent with Louise is running in the open space with our five dogs while she recounts hilarious anecdotes that make seven miles feel more like two,” said Katy Fassett, a close friend of Louise’s in Boulder.

An avid horseback rider – she was on the equestrian team while a student at Oxford – she embraced the backcountry lifestyle in Colorado. The family raised horses, chickens and goats at…

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