Mum who donates breast milk horrified when she received request from man with ‘bizarre fetish’

A mum who donates her breast milk to other mums who struggle to express said she was horrified when she received a request from a man who wanted to instigate ‘direct feeding’.

Jen Bradshaw, from Wigan, Greater Manchester, said the man claimed he wanted the milk for protein shakes, before admitting he actually wanted to use it for ‘recreational purposes’.

Jen had decided she wanted to help other mums by donating some of her surplus breast milk using the group page Human Milk 4 Human Babies UK.

After successfully helping a nurse with extra milk for over a month, she says she was then approached by a man via the page.

However the man soon admitted he wanted the milk for ‘recreational purposes’ and then tried to arrange to ‘direct feed’ from Jen once a week, when her fiancé Matt Taylor was out.

Horrified that what she intended as a selfless gesture was going to be used by someone with an obvious sexual interest in lactation, Jen confronted the apparently married man, who then begged for her not to tell his wife.

Jen was horrified when the man revealed his real request

Now Jen is speaking out in a bid to warn other mums to check who they donate their breast milk to for fear that the man will be targeting others – and there may be other fetishists abusing generous mums.

Jen, 23, said: “It seems a bit defective for a man to want to breastfeed from a stranger. It was obvious he had some kind of fetish.

“He told me he’d nursed from a woman nearer home in the past for £300 an hour and said he wanted the same from me for ‘experimental reasons’.

“When I got the first message which just claimed he wanted it bottled, I thought it was a bit weird but at the same time, if he was going to pay I wasn’t bothered.

“The man said he’d need it for body building and ‘recreational purposes’, but soon it changed to him needing freshly expressed stuff which he’d drive from Leeds each Sunday to pick up. He said he’d pay £4 per ounce.

“Around the…

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