Motorleaf Launches Kickstarter Campaign to Debut the HEART, a Wireless, Automated Indoor Growing System

Motorleaf HEART

With our products, people will be able to grow more produce within their communities with less waste and better yields. We work to connect growers to their plants, and to each other.

The Motorleaf team launched their Kickstarter campaign today and is looking to raise a total of CA$5,000 to put their products into production. Their latest product, the HEART, is one of four hardware units that connects wirelessly to control indoor gardens ranging from the size of a closet to a five-acre field. The HEART collects air temperature, humidity and light level data. With the HEART, growers can connect any lighting hardware or feeder pumps to start automating their operation within seconds.

With all Motorleaf products, users can monitor all major aspects of their grow room environment directly from their laptop, desktop, tablet or smartphone. Motorleaf products make it easy to monitor water temperature, PH levels, water levels, air temperature, humidity levels, nutrient levels and light levels. Users can connect their HEART to Motorleaf’s Droplet hardware to monitor their water reservoir tank, the Powerleaf(s) to automate their overall growing environment and/or to the Driplet to wirelessly automate the delivery of pH…

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