Moto C Plus quick review: A large battery, stock Android make it a potential winner : Features, News

First there was Moto C. Now, there is the Moto C Plus. The Moto C Plus is a part of Motorola’s latest C series of smartphones that the company claims is aimed at the youth. Why youth? Because they apparently use a smartphone all the time and hence need a device that has a big battery. That is exactly what the Moto C Plus offers.

The Moto C Plus comes with fairly average internal hardware but with the exception of the battery, which clocks in at a sizeable 4,000mAh in terms of capacity. Motorola is banking on the combination of great battery life plus stock Android to elevate the Moto C Plus from the rest of the crowd in the market and is hoping to pit it against the likes of Xiaomi. The Xiaomi Redmi 4 is the Moto C Plus’s biggest competition and on paper it comes with better cameras, a more premium design and the same hardware for the same price of Rs 6,999.

Moto C Plus design

Budget smartphones these days are gravitating towards glass and metal designs which make them look very premium and a cut above their price. But Moto C Plus is different. The Moto C Plus, however, ditches these advancements and sticks to an all plastic design. The front is an all glass affair and comes with capacitive buttons for back, home and recent applications. But these buttons are not backlit. There is a metal-like ring around the front fascia (it is actually plastic) which adds some much needed design flair. The back panel has a texture that helps improve grip. Unlike the Redmi 4, the Moto C Plus does not come with a fingerprint scanner.

The design of the Moto C Plus is not what one will call premium. The smartphone is quite chunky and reminds me of the old Nokia phones that could be used for self defence. Although the design is clearly because of the large 4000mAh battery inside the phone, it should be noted that there are other phone makers who have managed to pack similar batteries in smartphones with much sleeker bodies. At the same time, it must be noted that the with the Moto C…

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