More Torontonians getting on board with surfing the Great Lakes – Toronto

For Larry Cavero, surfing is just “too good.”

Born in Peru, he’s had a board since he was seven-years-old. Fast forward 40 years and Cavero is a dad, living in Brampton, who says the weather forecast is like his bible.

You see, he needs some strong wind before Lake Ontario delivers that six-foot tall wave he’s after. And once he’s riding one, he’s still kind of amazed it’s happening.

“It still blows my mind every time I surf the Great Lakes. Like, how is this possible?” he told CBC Toronto.

“What kind of miracle happens over here for a lake to give me a wave like that?”

Prime surf season is coming to a close for now, as the summer months bring a calm over most parts of the lake. High water levels, meanwhile, have left some popular spots — including those at Ashbridges Bay and Bluffer’s Park — unsurfable.

Antonio Lennert surveys Lake Ontario near a well-known surf spot at Ashbridge’s Bay. Friday’s conditions were more suited to stand-up paddle boarding, he joked. (John Rieti/CBC)

But Antonio Lennert, who runs the website Surf the Greats and is opening a shop/café in Leslieville devoted to the sport later this summer, says surfing is growing in popularity in Toronto.

And, he points out, while some breaks are underwater, that just means there are new waves somewhere closer to shore to discover.

Of course, with the lake still bone-chilling cold and the blustery conditions required for good surf (the kind of days most want to stay inside with a hot chocolate and a book, Lennert says, are best) it takes commitment.

“It takes someone who’s really keen to surf to find those waves and get out there,” he said.

Then again, if people are willing to go to Costa Rica, Mexico or elsewhere to surf once or twice, he says, why not surf here and do it every week?

Tough conditions

The local surfing community is small but tight-knit, Lennert says. (Lucas Murnaghan/Submitted)

Surfing is hard. Surfing the lakes is really hard,…

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