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As many parents know, children are especially prone to allergies.  Sometimesthey suffer from acute reactions that will become less severe later in life.  Unfortunately, that knowledge doesn’t decrease the child’s suffering now.  In an effort to understand what’s causing so much discomfort for their kids, parents are trying to find information on food allergies and learn how they induce their effects.

An allergy occurs because a substance in food fails to break down during the digestive process.  When this happens, the substance is called “allergenic.”  The culprit is most often a protein, but almost any substance in food can cause an allergic reaction in some people.  The molecules of the allergenic substance generally have strong bonds that make them difficult to degrade, and some individuals will be able to digest them while others will not. 

When complete digestion does not occur, the body’s immune system finds the molecules and mistakes them for harmful invaders.  To show that they are harmful, the immune system tags them with a chemical called Immunoglobulin E. 

This is like setting off an alarm.  The body launches a series of reactions in an effort to defend its systems against the invader, but these quickly get out of control and become a threat in them.  The immune response can be seen in three areas: the skin, the gastrointestinal tract and the respiratory system.


On the skin’s surface, the Dairy free recipes for kids response causes a rapid…

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