Micro-Apartment Living Luxury in Under 350 Square Feet

The micro-apartment living trend is popping up around the world, in cities where cash and real estate are both at a premium. Fitting a family with belongings into a space that is under 600 square feet, has become a way of life, as well as a competitive challenge for architects and designers.

Micro-apartment living can be comfortable even in a space that is under 350 square feet. Evidently, several cities have minimum prerequisites for micro-apartment living size, and others have no dimension requirements at all. San Francisco and Washington D.C. both allow for a minimum size of 220 square feet, though the City by the Bay states that 70 square feet must be allocated for kitchen and bathroom space.

On the other hand, in Seattle and Portland, there are no minimum square foot constraints. In some locations, size requirements are being waived by government officials to allow for more affordable housing. The adAPT NYC competition, in 2013, was given the go-ahead by, now former, New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg to forego the 400-square foot requirement, to build micro-apartment units.

New York City Style Micro Apartment Living

Winning New York City’s adAPT NYC competition was the team comprised of Monadnock Development LLC, Actors Fund Housing Development Corporation, nARCHITECTS, and Corcoran Sunshine. The winning group proposed a design of 55 units with the square footage coming in at between 250 and 370. Originally slated for micro-apartment living by September 2015, the units were not ready for residents to move in until June 1, 2016.

Unique to the inspiration of the design was the idea that each apartment would be manufactured as a prefab module by the builder Capsys, at its Brooklyn Navy Yard factory. When the 265 to 350 square foot modules were completed, they were basically snapped together to form the building, known as Carmel Place, located at 335 East 27th St., in Manhattan.

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