Marissa Mayer’s prospects after tumultuous Yahoo stint spark debate

Experts are sharply divided over whether her time at Yahoo would ultimately make her an asset to other firms.

SUNNYVALE, Calif. — In one of the most drawn out and dramatic deals in technology, Yahoo and Verizon agreed last week to a discounted price for Verizon to pay for the once-storied company — but what remains unknown is the fate of Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer.

Yahoo’s controversial CEO failed to turn around the Sunnyvale company but has been credited with leading the firm through tumultuous times. With her future in question, experts are sharply divided over whether her time at the company would ultimately make her an asset to other firms.

Mayer said in July she planned to stay with Yahoo through the sale process, which is expected to conclude between April and June. A Yahoo regulatory filing in January said she would leave the firm’s board if the deal went through. And analysts believe she won’t be kept on at Verizon.

Marissa Mayer

Career: CEO of Yahoo since mid-2012. Previously, during 13 years at Google, she was the company’s first female software engineer before working her way up to vice president.

Golden parachute: She will receive $55 million if she is not retained by Verizon after the acquisition.

Source: Yahoo, Mercury News

“When a company gets acquired, senior executives typically move along,” said Pivotal Research analyst Brian Wieser.

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Mayer — who will, according to a regulatory filing, receive a $55 million golden parachute if she is not retained by Verizon — is unlikely to end up an executive at another firm, Wieser said. She would leave Yahoo even wealthier than when she entered with an estimated net worth of $300 million, meaning she wouldn’t need to work for someone else, and her tenure at Yahoo was not marked by success, Wieser said.

“Does Mayer have any credibility as a manager? Not really,” Wieser said. “I…

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