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We’re also hearing about incredible stories of survival from people directly hit by hurricane MARIA and ABC’s Victor Oquendo, he’s also in San Juan. Good morning, Victor. Reporter: Good morning, Michael. This is just about what every street in San Juan looks like, massive downed trees, debris everywhere. So many hopes damaged by hurricane MARIA and for those who live in the more vulnerable areas surviving this category 4 wasn’t easy. This morning, in the wake of MARIA, harrowing account of survival begin to surface. Ramon caldera and his family rode out this category 4 monster in guaynabo. Most homes didn’t follow any building codes when they were built. And are extremely vulnerable to powerful storms. Their family of five hiding in a kitchen avoiding this near death hit. Good thing no one was here. Yeah, I was worried. You were worried? Yeah, and my sister was screaming like that. Reporter: The power pole is down, downed power leans and underneath that is a transformer. Just east of San Juan Christie and her husband visiting from Nashville riding out the storm with their 13-month-old baby. We got a call this morning around 3:00 A.M. To go ahead and evacuate our rooms because the wind had picked up so much. Reporter: The winds upwards of 150 miles per hour, their room flooded. We don’t have power. We don’t have water. Reporter: Less than 100 miles away, the island of St. Croix also in MARIA’s crosshairs. Search and rescue teams are out and continue to work. For those in a safe place conditions are so dangerous that officials want them to stay put for the time being. Michael. Thank you, still got to be careful. Good advice there.

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