MarcomCentral and Demand Metric Content Consistency Study Shows Fragmented Content Impairs Revenue; Consistent Content Enhances It

The State and Impact of Content Consistency

For content to have the greatest impact, it must consistently convey the brand and its core messages reliably. This study shows the real cost of allowing inconsistent content to creep into the portfolio.

MarcomCentral, a leading provider of cloud-based Marketing Asset Management and Variable Data Publishing, and Demand Metric, a research and advisory firm, today announced the publication of new research: “The State and Impact of Content Consistency.” Among the key findings of the study was that almost two-thirds of firms lose business when the sales team doesn’t have the content it needs.

Some of the key findings garnered from the study’s participants include: 

  • Less than 10 percent report that their brand presentation is very consistent, but almost 90 percent agree that it is important to present their brands consistently in all the places people might encounter them.
  • There is almost an even split between content that meets needs well versus very poorly to neutral in buying journey stages.
  • The section of the sales/marketing funnel that suffers the most from a lack of quality content is the middle section, where consideration occurs.
  • The number of “touchpoints” – encounters that prospects have with marketing and sales content during their buying journeys – averages between five and six. One in five firms in this study report seven or more touchpoints on their customers’ buying journeys.
  • Almost 90 percent of study participants report that their sales and marketing content measurably influences revenue.
  • Content fragmentation – a lack of consistency in expressing branding and key messages – is a reality for almost one-fourth of study…

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