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Now to the homicide investigation in Houston, Texas. And the manhunt under way. Police say a collision at an intersection overnight erupted in gunfire, killing a little girl who was traveling in the car with her mother. ABC’s Adrienne Bankert with more. Reporter: Tonight, a manhunt and a mystery as to who shot and killed this third grade honor student. Police say early this morning, two or three cars were speeding down this Houston road. One, this white pontiac crashing into this Honda accord, her 8-year-old de’maree Adkins in the backseat. I said, are you okay? She was asleep. She never even knew what happened. Reporter: Moments later, police say someone pulled out a gun, bullets flying into the backseat hitting de’maree. Had to be a case of road rage, I don’t know. My daughter’s innocent. She didn’t deserve it. Reporter: The little girl was rushed to the hospital, but did not survive. She’s gone. I’ll never be able to wake her up in the morning for school. We always had conversations. And she always said, mom, I love you. Reporter: Authorities now on the hunt for the shooter and those involved. Police saying de’maree and her mother were innocent bystanders. She’s an innocent child, I mean that’s the worst kind of victim. Reporter: De’maree’s family in anguish over the loss of their little girl who they say had a bright future and loved playing the violin. My daughter was full of life, happy girl, witty, smart, she was a — just a fun-loving person. I can’t watch her grow up. An incredibly sad story. Adrienne joins us now. Does that area have traffic cameras and could they possibly hold any clues as to what happened there? Yes, Tom, there are cameras in the area. They hope video evidence leads them to the shooter in this heartbreaking crime. Tom? Adrienne, thank you. Next to the tragic death on

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