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• It’s widely reported that President Barack Obama has become the No. 1 gun salesman in this gun-loving country. A record 23,141,970 gun-purchase background checks were conducted last year, more than twice as many as in the year before Obama took office and began promoting “gun control.”

But did you know that, during Obama’s reign, more than 100,000 gun-related jobs were created? Prior to his election, 166,200 people worked in firearms-related industries. By 2015, that had grown to 267,986, says the National Shooting Sports Foundation. Do the math. At an average of $50,180 in wages and benefits, that’s a $5 billion economic stimulus.

• Were you impressed by Donald Trump’s lopsided victory in the massive state of New York? Perhaps you missed this: Trump got fewer Republican votes in New York’s primary than Ted Cruz got in middling-sized Wisconsin’s primary. In fact, Cruz got 1,239,370 votes in his home state of Texas, more than twice as many as Trump got in his home state of New York. Trump trumpets that he channels “the voice of the people,” but consider this: Trump’s 38 percent of total Republican votes so far is closer to Cruz’s 28 percent than to a majority.

• Why is it that people who want America to be more like Europe change their minds when Europe does something that resembles something we would do? After last fall’s terrorist slaughter in Paris, France’s socialist president said he would close the nation’s borders. But in the U.S., the administration announced it would open the doors to 10,000 more refugees from the same regions that spawned France’s terror imports. Ten thousand is a floor, not a ceiling, said Gina Kassem, refugee coordinator at the U.S. Embassy in Amman, Jordan.

• If government is going to shell out additional welfare-type benefits to this influx of refugees, Washington should consider spending cuts, not taxes…

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