Logan: Patrick Stewart says Wolverine 3 will be his last X-Men film

Sir Patrick Stewart has said X-Men spinoff Logan will most likely be his final appearance in the franchise.

The 78-year-old actor, who has played the role of Professor Charles Xavier seven times over 17 years, broke the news to The Independent during an interview for our new podcast, Kernels.

Previously, Stewart has suggested he’d be happy to reprise the role in future instalments but a recent experience has changed his mind on that matter.

“Hugh was sitting next to me, with James [Mangold] on the other side of him. and the audience were clearly very caught up in it and that was satisfying. It got into the last five or six minutes of the movie and Hugh’s hand came over and he took mine and he squeezed my hand. He looked at me and he had big tears and, of course, that set me off. Here we are, the two X-Men wiping away the tears at our own movie! And then I thought while we were watching, ‘My God, this is a goodbye ending. What could I possibly do that could top this? As I’ve lived with that idea over the past few days, I thought: ‘Yeah, it’s absolutely right that we should both of us just move on now.’ The franchise won’t die [without us].“

You can listen to the full podcast below.

Logan is a 15-certificate take on the character of Wolverine, here played by Hugh Jackman for what will be the final time. The film, which is released in the UK on 1 March, co-stars Stewart alongside Stephen Merchant, Elizabeth Rodriguez and newcomer Dafne Keen who plays…

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