Local Family Opens Lake County Barnwood in Lake Villa

Lake County Barnwood

That’s what we’re looking for… the old barns that look like they are going to collapse any minute.

During a drive through the country a few years ago, Frank Kersey and his father-in-law Paul Quinn started to take notice of the many crumbling historic barns they passed. Over the years, many of these beautiful, historic structures have been blown into distorted shapes from decades of enduring violent summer storms and harsh winters. Unfortunately, as these buildings become structurally unsound, they can also become a safety hazard to the families that live near them. “That’s what we’re looking for.” Explained Paul. “The old barns that look like they are going to collapse at any minute. Then, it’s time to get to work.”

For the past five years, Frank and his wife Shannon have been using repurposed barn wood to create beautiful pieces of furniture, giving new life to an old barn. Frank’s attention to detail and his quality craftsmanship has gotten the attention of interior designers from as far away as New York, Georgia, and the west coast. One-of-a-kind wine cabinets, tables, shelving units, and other pieces, are almost always purchased immediately upon completion. The popularity of his furniture promoted the opening of the new store, so others could easily obtain repurposed wood for their own creations. “In addition to the furniture that we build here, we are now working more and more with DIY customers and custom home and restaurant builders who want to use our wood inventory to create something truly unique.” Continued Shannon.

Together, the team meets with the property owners to learn as much history as possible about each barn. Sandy, Paul’s wife…

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