Living In Isolation Leads to More Cases of Depression

More and more people are living alone isolated from family, and this is a sure recipe for depression. Increased rate of divorce and unwillingness to live with family after a certain age has created a situation where people enjoy a false sense of freedom. The Canadian pharmacy online warns depression often creeps in during moments of loneliness and isolation. Chronic bouts of depression may be difficult to treat individuals unwilling to seek out medical treatment.

Some people do buy Pristiq to remove imbalances taking place in the brain leading to depression. However, treating conditions leading to chronic depression is a better method of tackling the disease, especially when statistics show an 80% increase in rate of acquiring depression among people staying alone.

Social Study Reveals More Cases of Depression in Isolation

Researchers from the Finnish Institute of Occupational Health initiated a study reviewing mental health parameters of 3,500 women and men over a period of seven years. All participants were of working age. A sizeable number of them lived alone devoid of family structure.

Comparison was made between single people and participants having families in the way they led their life. Parameters increasing risk of poor health like inadequate physical activity, smoking, and drinking heavily were considered as important markers. Researchers also considered living quarters, demographics, social impact, and psycho-social factors leading to increased use of antidepressants.

Results of the study clearly indicated increased risk of acquiring depression in people found to be living alone. Though results were similar for women and men, the Canadian pharmacy online points out different risk factors were evident. In the case of men, job insecurity, compulsive drinking habit, and inadequate support from family members and at the workplace were probable reasons for going into depression. Women on the other hand were susceptible to inadequate income, social-demographic…

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