Listing ingredients on wine labels would lead to better quality, critic argues

Do you want to know exactly what’s in that glass of Pinot Noir?

According to a prominent wine critic, you should, because it will lead to improved quality throughout the wine industry.

New York Times wine critic Eric Asimov is claiming that wine drinkers in the U.S. should be afforded the opportunity to know the ingredients in a bottle of wine– just like they do with the food they purchase at most stores.

Knowing what’s in the bottle, Asimov said, would enable consumers to make more informed choices and it would prompt the industry to change the way they produce their product.

According to Asimov, when it comes to food “with comprehensive labeling, those who want to avoid artificial or suspect ingredients have the opportunity to do so. They should have the same opportunity with wine.”

“And you can bet that once people begin to ask questions about the ingredients and processes involved in making wine, the industry will begin to cater more to this growing group of educated consumers,” he stated earlier this month. 

But the move to include more specific ingredient information in wine bottles– much like the debate on whether nutrition labels should appear on other alcoholic beverages– won’t be met without some resistance from certain producers.

According to The Drinks Business, some winemakers argue that ingredients currently used to make wine could wind up being misinterpreted and inadvertently become the center of controversy.

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