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Each week leading up to the election, the Belmont Citizen-Herald will ask a “Question of the Week” for candidates in the race for the two Board of Library Trustee seats. If you would like to submit a question for any of the library trustee candidates please e-mail your question to for consideration.


This week’s question

With everything becoming more and more paperless and digital,  what is your vision of the “library of the future”? Answers limited to 150 words.

Gail Mann

The library of the future will be a community information center.  It will be a shared space that welcomes patrons of all ages. Demand for services will increase as patrons seek a central place to conduct their research and access an increasing amount of information digitally and in print in an affordable way. 

I expect that books will remain a cornerstone of the library, particularly for children but also for adults who find the experience of reading a hard copy book special and rewarding. I envision for the future a library that can accommodate and support new technologies in well-lit open spaces with accessible devices and reference staff knowledgeable about the library’s resources.  Patrons will be able to easily access information digitally, including not just the internet and office and educational software, but also information databases, streaming services, and more as new digital offerings are developed and acquired.

David Stievater

In the future, more library space and offerings will be devoted to accessing information in digital forms. There will be fewer books on the shelves, but vastly more information available. Less space will be reserved for reference materials, although I believe the role of reference librarians will be more important than ever. People need help navigating the rapidly expanding volume of sources to find relevant information. The digital age will not diminish the important role that libraries play in communities…

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