Lewis & Clark hosts national boating championships

This week is going to be a busy one at Lewis and Clark Lake in Yankton.

They’re hosting a series of races on the water that’s bringing professional sailors from across America to South Dakota. They’re all hoping to win big!

Lewis and Clark Lake is always an eyeful. This week it will be even moreso.

Terry Simantel from Scotland, South Dakota got quite an eyeful. “It’s kind of neat. We didn’t expect it. We’re just here with a couple of our grandkids camping for a few days.”

What Terry didn’t expect to see, but did, was a series of brightly colored Hobie Catamaran boats criss crossing the water being pushed by the wind that sailors were hoping to control.

“Myself, my wife and my three daughters. We all do sailing. The whole family.” Julio Caceres is from Puerto Rico.
He is here…..as is every other sailor…hoping to win.
This event is sponsored by the Hobie Class Association of North America and the races here are part of a North American championship series.
This is a big deal. If you win here in Yankton you qualify for the world championships.
And competing here is no easy task. “Challenging because all the shift of the wind and that’s why it brought us here. All the challenge that Yankton brought to us.”

“They’re turning. When you watch them turn by these buoys you just wonder how they can do it.” Diane Simantel, Terry’s wife, is amazed that her camping trip has turned into a front row seat for some of the best boat racing in the nation.
And she is in no hurry to leave. “I just know its neat to watch. We watched it this morning and they’re putting on a good show this afternoon.”

There are two classes racing this week; the “Hobie 16” division and the “Hobie 20” division.

Between the two…

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