Letters: Tom Hayden is no hero


After reading one of your letter writer’s paean to Tom Hayden, may I weigh in with an observation? While your writer extols his pal, Tom, the rest of us who clearly recall his traitorous behavior throughout the Vietnam War have a much different take. Tom Hayden’s long and steady opposition, of which his supporters were so proud, accomplished one thing: he helped the communist North Vietnamese and their Viet Cong gang of butchers prolong the war — thereby being responsible for the many unnecessary deaths suffered by the U.S. military and the innocents in South Vietnam. Their blood is on good old Tom’s hands, and his ex-wife, Jane Fonda, as well. The good people now living in peace and freedom right here in Orange County surely would agree with this viewpoint.

— Roy Roudine, Los Alamitos

Hayden no hero

Re: “Hayden would have defended Nguyen” [Letters, Feb. 26]: In civilized society, we are told not to speak ill of the dead. That’s fine. But do not make a hero out someone whose actions led to the deaths of others. Tom Hayden was not a hero. He supported and abetted treason. The irony is that Hayden made his fortune as a Democrat, but it was Democratic presidents that were committing the acts he opposed. Hayden would not have defend state Sen. Janet Nguyen any more than he defended the right of men wanting to protect her country from communism. The Democrats in Sacramento should be ashamed, as should anyone who voted for any of them.

— Tom Cagley, Lake Forest

Apply to Hillsdale

Re: “OCC reversal isn’t end of campus bias” [Opinion, Feb. 26]: It’s great that OCC reversed the suspension of Caleb O’Neil. But it’s sad that the war to uphold free speech rights for all on college campuses has not been won. Let me suggest to Mr. O’Neil and others that there are alternatives.

A good example is Hillsdale College, an institution that teaches the U.S. Constitution and encourages civil debate among all students. The…

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