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Reminder: Tuesday, 3/29/17, is the last day to use rainchecks with coupons at Harris Teeter.

Harris Teeter announced today a new Raincheck Policy that includes expiration dates, a huge change in stacking with coupons and information on how long you have to use your current rainchecks.

If you use rainchecks at Harris Teeter you know this is an important update.

These changes go info effect March 29, 2017, according to corporate Harris Teeter.

Biggest Change

The most significant change is that as of 3/29, shoppers can no longer combine a raincheck with a paper coupon. As we all know, this is one of the ways couponers are able to get the best deals when the store is out of stock.

With some of the fabulous sales, the stock is depleted in hours and the stores are not always able to get sufficient stock before the sale ends. When shoppers can get a raincheck and use it to get the sale price the next week when the shelves are restocked, being able to use a coupon with the raincheck means that they can get the good deal they had planned to get the previous week when the store was out of the sale item.

With this new policy, shoppers will only be able to get the sale price. They will not be able to get the sale price and use a coupon, as they could have done during the week the sale was valid (but the store was out of stock).

This will also change the entire dynamic of Super Doubles because some of the best deals were found using rainchecks and coupons combined. That will no longer be an option.

If Harris Teeter is looking to send a clear message to couponers, their mission has been accomplished.

Expiration Date

The other change to the policy is that rainchecks now expire in 60 days. Until now, there was no expiration date.

Will these changes influence your Harris Teeter shopping habits? Leave a comment in the Comments section with your thoughts.

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