Laniakea Capital Launches with TV Drama ‘Strange Fishing Days’

Courtesy: Laniakea Capital

Leveraging the Basque Country’s advantageous tax regime, Laniakea Capital, a new Bilbao-based film and TV label run by Eduardo Carneros (“Timecrimes”) and Alejandro Miranda (“Buried”), is making its producing debut with sci-fi TV drama “Strange Fishing Days.”

The project has been selected to be pitched at Conecta Fiction, the new Latin America-Europe TV drama forum which runs June 20-23 in Galicia’s Santiago de Compostela in Spain.

“Strange Fishing Days,” a social allegory, weighs in as low-fi sci-fi embodying multiverse theory.

The series follows Alejo Caminos, an astrophysics teacher, who suffers a deep existential crisis. He constructs a machine that allows him to experience other versions of himself in multiple alternative realities which could have been his life, if his decisions and circumstances had been otherwise.

Created by Javier Echániz (“Tiempo si aire”), Asier Guerricaechebarria (“Tinguaro: The Sun Lizards”) and María Maestre (“Las Acacias”), each series’ episode will focus on a different point in Caminos’ parallel lives. Starting from a fantasy genre premise, it will range from sitcom to serial killer thriller. The series will have a potential who is who of Basque Country directors, selected according to each episode’s film type.

“This is an original TV show, designed from the start for pay TV audiences, which aspires to become a event series,” said producer Carneros.

“Strange Fishing Days” was initially generated in the mid last decade  in a Spanish TV production landscape completed dominated by fiction aimed at the free-to-air TV market.

“After having hibernated for about 11 years, ‘Strange Fishing Days’ has found the perfect ecosystem to hatch. Series production has taken a quantum leap since then and ‘Strange Fishing Days’” renaissance will be in Conecta Fiction. Its originality and ambitions have finally found their…

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