Lacto-Freedom Probiotic – A Modern Option For People Who Have Difficulty Digesting Lactose

I pigged out on a cheese burger & a cheese pizza. Waited several hrs… No cramping, no gas, no bloat. The next day I went out & bought some blue bell ice cream, drank regular milk instead of soy with my cereal… No bloat.

Lactose Sensitivity (inability to tolerate lactose) is caused by a deficiency of lactase enzyme in the intestines and after consuming lactose, these people typically experience abdominal cramps, gas, bloating, and diarrhea. It is a very common yet often overlooked ailment. Experts estimate that nearly 25% of the US Population has reduced ability to digest lactose commonly found in dairy products such as milk, cheese, and ice cream. In the past, the only main options were taking lactase supplements or avoiding dairy entirely.

Some patients take lactase supplements at the start of every lactose-containing meal. This option can be expensive, a hassle, and embarrassing especially when dining out.

Attempting to avoid all lactose-containing foods is difficult and a nuisance for individuals and it ultimately can result in a deficiency of calcium and vitamin D which can lead to osteoporosis. They would also miss out on many enjoyable foods.

Unfortunately, a person may not even be aware that their meal contains lactose since lactose is added to a lot of different foods such as bread and baked goods, cereals, salad dressings, candies, and snacks. This can result in someone unknowingly ingesting lactose even when they have either tried to avoid all lactose-containing foods or skipped a supplement with the belief the meal was lactose-free.

With Lacto-Freedom Probiotic, patients finally have another option. Lacto-Freedom is a new and unique patented probiotic that aids in the digestion of lactose-containing foods, designed specifically for people with lactose sensitivity. (Inability to tolerate lactose)

Lactose sensitive patients may enjoy dairy products and lactose containing products without discomfort and without the hassle of taking lactase supplements with every lactose-containing meal. This probiotic is taken for only 7 days and the lactose digesting effects last for months.

How it works:

The intestinal lining is made up of billions of bacteria, both good and bad. Probiotics are supplements which contain “good” bacteria and when consumed add beneficial bacteria to the intestines. We developed a probiotic that stays in the intestines, produces lactase, and allows the body to more efficiently digest lactose for months, so you can enjoy dairy without the discomfort.

Recommend Lacto-Freedom Probiotic:

Taken for only 7 days, stays in the intestines, and provides months of relief.

Patented and clinically tested.

More convenient and more economical than taking lactase tablets.

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