Kurt Angle: Breaking down Kurt Angle’s possible big reveal on Raw

If you’ve watched WWE 24’s latest Kurt Angle: Homecoming, you’d know what it means for the WWE Hall of Famer to have finally returned ‘home’ after 11 years. Ever since he was named General Manager of Monday Night Raw the night after WrestleMania, it was obvious that it the GM storyline was WWE’s way of preparing a nice long build-up for his in-ring return.

The original plans was for Kurt to mark his return match was scheduled for Wrestlemania 34, but the recent angle (no pun intended), where the two-time WWE champion has been seen indulging in weird text messages (along with announcer Corey Graves) for weeks, is an indication towards something more than just one Mania match. During the closing segment of last week’s Raw, Kurt, taking to a mystery individual over the phone, said they would reveal ‘it’ together next week.

Which brings us to the question? Who is this individual and in what capacity will he/she affect Angle’s in-ring return? Ever since Kurt said ‘I Love You’ over the phone, speculations have been plenty. It’s been a while that the WWE came up with something as interesting and curiosity-driven as this and it’s what makes Kurt’s return storyline pretty exciting.

Here are our the likely scenarios for Kurt’s big reveal

Note: The below possiblities are purely speculative

1. Kurt has a secret lover and it’s Stephanie McMahon

WWE has a tendency to re-ignite old storylines and let’s face it, the love-triangle between Kurt, Stephanie and Triple H from the year 2000 was quite amazing. The boss’ daughter sandwiched between the Game and a nerdy Kurt even though they kept saying they’re just friends. So 17 years later, here is how it plays out. Notice how Graves mentions to Kurt that he is respected by all, and that his revelation will eventually be pardoned. So Stephanie marks her television return since going through a table at Mania 33, and Kurt discloses their relationship to the world. Add to that an irate Triple H and it…

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