Know About Google Link Schemes

What is a Link Scheme?

Your website’s ranking in Google’s search result is related to the websites that give link to your website. Every detail about the link matters, be it the quantity of links, their quality or the relevance regarding the content and the business niche. The websites that provide links to your website provide useful insight regarding your website’s content, its business niche and gives an idea about its quality, authority, trust and popularity.

If links are used solely for the purpose of altering a website’s rank in Google, it may be considered a part of link scheme. Any attempt to manipulate links, like directing links to your sites or directing them away from yours, could violate Google Webmaster Guidelines and thus may affect the ranking and quality of search results in Google.

Here are some things which you need to know about Google Link Schemes and how they affect your website, from the search engine giant’s support article itself last updated on May 27 2013 at the time of writing.

Which Link Schemes Impact a Site’s Ranking Negatively?

Link schemes which can adversely affect your website’s ranking in Google’s search engine results are:

  • Link exchange in excess.
  • Buying or selling links which pass PageRank, or posts which contain links. The buying or selling could be in terms of money, goods or services.
  • Linking on spam sites or on websites which are irrelevant to your business niche with the intention of manipulating PageRank.
  • Building partner pages that are meant solely for the purpose of cross-linking.
  • Making use of automated programs or programs that create links for your website.

Which unnatural links that violate Google Webmaster Guidelines?

What is the Best Link Scheme?

The best ways to create links to your website on other websites are:

Good, relevant, valuable and ethical link scheme and link building can do your website rank on Google’s search engine result a world of good and therefore it is always advisable to…

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