Kick Buttowski And His Daredevil Marvels

Kick Buttowski, a popular animated character created by Sandro Corsoro resides in the hearts of millions of children who worship him as a daredevil hero. The character was the protagonist in the animated series aired on TV by the name Kick Buttowski the Suburban Daredevil. He represents a young, 11 year old boy called Clarence Kick Buttowski who is addicted to performing stunts and other such acts that border on the dangerous level. His popularity with children became legendary and today, his flash games on the internet have become a rage of sorts.

A Closer Look At Kick Bottowski

Kick Buttowski is a smart go getter who nurtures aspirations of becoming the greatest daredevil in the world. Kick Buttowski games take inspiration from this fact and are full of action and adventure that the kids love to explore. Kick is shown to be a boy of small stature, yet his dreams and acts of daredevilry are larger than life. Dressed in his signature outfit of a white jumpsuit with sporty red stripes down the sleeves, a matching red striped white helmet along with stunning yellow colored gloves and boots, Kick Buttowski is always raring to go.

Why Kids Love Kick Buttowski

Children are explorers at heart. They welcome anything out of the ordinary and never back away from giving credit where it’s due. The stunts and acts of courage performed by Kick Buttowski, therefore gives them a thrill and excitement that’s difficult to define. They adore him for what he does and are somewhere motivated to find a purpose and passion in their own lives. They also love the catchphrases used by kick like “Aw Biscuits”, “Showtime” and “Chimi-chunga”.

Kids identify with the Kick and his family which is a reflection of scenes from real life. His elder brother Brad who loses no oppurtunity to tease him, his sister Brianna who never fails to annoy him, his rivals Perkins, Gibble etc, his stunt co-ordinator best friend Gunther and others bear resemblance to characters from everyday life. This close to life…

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