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We’ve been experiencing a lot of sensationalized news involving the president. We call that yellow journalism and it used to be the exclusive territory of what we called “rags.” A change was noted during the election with the mainstream media—now it may be shifting to “red journalism” or “envelope journalism” because it is associated with bribes, which can come in many forms.

We raise a lot of beef on the hoof here in the Ozarks. It’s a big part of our local economy. Unless our beef producers listen to the syndicated radio show Marketplace, they might not have known that last Thursday, U.S. Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross announced that China would be buying U.S. beef again—for the first time since 2003.
In the national media where many Americans get their news, it was a buried story. Why? It means jobs. It helps to offset our trade deficit with China. According to an export forecast article in Fortune on-line news, “It is the general belief that the agreement is part of Trump’s effort to enlist Chinese support in tamping down the nuclear threat from North Korea.”

I think that’s newsworthy, but apparently not with the national media. If that Trump administration accomplishment doesn’t do it for them, how about a humanitarian effort on behalf of a political “dissident?”

Last month, Egyptian President el-Sisi made a visit to the White House that resulted in an American woman released from an Egyptian jail. There was little to no national coverage of the Trump administration’s effort to ensure this woman’s freedom. Why? Would that have been headline news under an Obama administration?

We are only a little more than four months into a Trump-led administration and the news we get is nothing more than leaked innuendo and snarky vitriol about supposed misdeeds and missteps that lately has led to a call for impeachment by Democrat politicians, with the mainstream press baiting the…

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