John Kasich uses airplane pilot metaphor to explain Trump relationship


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Ohio Gov. John Kasich used a creative metaphor to explain his
relationship with President Donald Trump following a meeting
between the two Friday at the White House.

Kasich, who sought the Republican presidential nomination in
2016, did not vote for Trump in the general election and has
often been more critical of him than the governor’s
Republican counterparts. Asked about the meeting, he
explained that his criticism of the president was not of a
personal nature.

“I think, look, the man is the president of the United States,”
he said. “It’s sort of like being on an airplane: You want to
root for the pilot if you’re on the airplane with the pilot. You
don’t want the pilot to screw up.”

“And so, look, I’ve been around too long and I feel so strongly
about my faith — not that I succeed all of the time — but to be
personal,” he said. “I mean I can have my opinion, but now
it’s time to be constructive. And sometimes
being constructive is to not be positive, you know, to make
your point.”

Kasich said he’s glad to have offered a contrast to his
Republican colleagues in Washington, DC, about the Affordable
Care Act, which Trump and congressional Republicans want to
repeal and replace. He called “inadequate” a replacement plan from House Republicans that was
leaked Friday by Politico

“Completely,” Kasich said.

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