At NFL’s annual meeting, Roger Goodell discussed the league’s rule changes as well as the obvious challenges of having a franchise in Las Vegas.

PHOENIX — Tony Romo was nowhere to be seen at the resort where NFL owners gathered this week for a low-intensity round of league meetings.

But the quarterback-in-limbo sure had a heavy presence as conduit for buzz. You’d think that Romo would have moved on from the Dallas Cowboys by now. That it hasn’t happened yet just fuels more intrigue.

What’s the holdup?

“I have his interest at the top of my list,” Cowboys owner Jerry Jones told USA TODAY Sports. “How this thing evolves over the next few weeks or months will be dictated by what Tony wants to do.”


Jones gave legitimacy to what has been widely speculated — that Romo, who will be 37 next month, hasn’t made a final decision about whether he even wants to continue his career. Romo barely played over the past two seasons because of three major injuries and lost his job to rookie Dak Prescott last year.

I’d think, knowing Romo and his competitive DNA to a degree, that he doesn’t want to go out like this. The chance to win a title, which means landing with the right team — hello, Houston Texans or Denver Broncos — and proving that he still can be a difference maker has to be a strong lure. Then again, no one can speak for what’s inside his heart and the condition of his body like Romo himself. He’s been publicly mum, while reports indicate that Fox and CBS want to add him to their broadcast rosters.

“As we stand here talking about these circumstances,” Jones said, having stepped out of a meeting for a break, “he has some of the best options you could have. But I think he can still win at a championship level.”

I asked Jones about the mixed reports that surfaced before the start of free agency and whether…