InventHelp® Client Patents “All Purpose Exercise Bar” – Modified Barbells Could Provide Faster Results From Working Out


InventHelp, a leading inventor service company, announces that one of its clients, an inventor from Pennsylvania, has developed a modified barbell that would provide an easier, more progressive way to work all of one’s muscles with faster results. This invention is patented.

The “All Purpose Exercise Bar” is designed to work out one’s entire body from unusual angles. The invention would exercise parts of the body not possible with conventional barbells, dumbbells or kettleballs. It could be used standing, seated or while lying on a flat or angled bench. Taking up much less space than traditional exercise equipment, it could provide faster results. The product would enable the user to go from exercise to exercise with little to no interruption.

The redesigned barbell would include a multitude of angled and straight hand grips in the central portion of its oval shape. 9-inch long cylindrical extensions are on either end so that weight plates can be added on. The unique hand grips would enable the user to perform over 48 different exercises. Variations to the idea could include angled curling bars or angled barbells to be used at different angles to work separate muscle groups.

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