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Thought Cloud Lamp and Matryoshka Doll Lamp—PHOTOS BY ANGELO GONZALEZ

Every year, since 2000, Interior Design students of the University of the Philippines Diliman have been creating furniture, toys, desks and other useful things for street children across Metro Manila.

The graduating class takes a course called ID 179: Special Project in Interior Design, in which the students undertake a renovation project for the benefit of an advocacy-driven foundation.

This project gives students a hands-on experience of the design profession guided by the UP values of honor, excellence and service for the greater good.

For this year, the UP Interior Design Class of 2017 chose to do a project dubbed “Tawid: Design Beyond Borders” under the supervision of Dr. Raquel B. Florendo.

This piece serves as a divider and shelf, and contains interactive parts to help hone children’s creativity.

Thirty students created a product line of multi-use furniture and accessories for the benefit of Tulay ng Kabataan, a foundation that extends assistance
to the poorest of the poor, the neglected and abandoned street children of Metro Manila.

“‘Tawid’ also aims to raise awareness on the overwhelming number of street children across the country who are not getting the care they need,” said ‘Tawid’ chair Paulyne Genson.

To make their creations relevant and functional, the students took note of the needs of street kids. Their design concept was based on Abraham Maslow’s hierarchy of needs—a theory in psychology that he explained in his 1943 paper “A Theory of Human Motivation.”

The paper points out that the level of human needs, illustrated in pyramid form—with the more important need at the bottom—consists of self-actualization, esteem, love or belongingness, safety and physiological.

Alternating height stool and whiteboard divider

Recyclable materials

The works are not only clever space savers, they’re also environment-friendly—using recyclable materials such…

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