Infogix Sagacity™ Empowers Business Users to Turn Big Data into Transformative Insights

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Analytical talent can be quite sparse in many organizations and when each department has specific data needs this can be quite a challenge for the IT department.

Infogix, a data and analytics software provider, today introduced Infogix Sagacity, a big data analytical solution that turns raw data into insights at breakneck speed.

With the continued growth of internal and third-party data sources, organizations struggle to locate, access and integrate data across silos. Additionally, the skill set to prep and analyze data is scarce or unavailable, putting much of the burden on IT managers who are constantly managing data related requests from stakeholders across the organization.

A paradigm shift has put business users in control and they want access to their data without relying on IT resources. But they struggle to answer fundamental data questions using self-service oriented tools rather than waiting in line for expert resources, slowing down the decision making process. The speed of business and competitive pressures require a streamlined approach to turn big data into transformative insights and even further into action.

Infogix Sagacity reduces the burden on IT managers and delivers a solution for business users that simplifies the five-phase process of acquiring, preparing, analyzing, acting, and operationalizing data without the complexity of relying upon multiple tools and specialized knowledge. Doing so operationalizes the ability to prepare, visualize, and analyze more data to make faster, smarter business decisions.

“Infogix Sagacity was architected as an all-in-one big data analytics tool to answer our clients’ struggles which repeatedly indicated that despite owning several best of breed…

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