Indie Nail Polish Rising Star, Danette Addeo, Pays it Forward to Help Previously Incarcerated Women Get their Mojo Back

Don Deeva® Nail Varnish

“Getting your ‘Mojo’ back, after jail is essential and very empowering. It can start with the small things like nice hair, great nails and a good outfit. These are things you are deprived of behind bars and don’t know if you will ever have again.

Danette Marie Addeo of Fort Lauderdale FL, creator of highly successful indie nail lacquer brand, Don Deeva®, turned an unexpected bump on the road of life into an entrepreneurial endeavor which has not only turned her life back around but given her means to help other previously incarcerated ladies do the same. After a stint behind bars, several years ago, for a nonviolent charge stemming from association with a “bad-boy” boyfriend, (an all too common scenario for women caught up in the criminal justice system), Addeo hit the ground running upon her release. She attributes successful integration back into free society, and subsequent creation of her nail polish business, largely to the Ladies Empowerment Action Program (LEAP) organization based in Miami, Florida. “They gave me the tools, confidence and empowerment I needed to start my own business, rebuild my former sense of self and basically reclaim my life after some very poor choices reduced…

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