In defence of the English people complaining about their ‘heatwave’

The UK is currently experiencing a heatwave. You probably know this, since it’s made the news over here too. I should admit now that I’m English, living in Australia. But, it’s for that reason that I know exactly why everyone on the other side is talking about the “heat”, while the rest of the world sits back and laughs at their foolishness. 
When I say everyone, I mean everyone. My Facebook feed is littered with people back home “cracking open a cold one” in the garden, turning pink from exposing their usually covered-up skin to the summer sun, and even complaining about the unbearable temperatures. The front pages of the newspapers are about the weather, and people are seriously considering taking a day or two off work to bask in the sun. 

Crowds enjoy the hot weather in Dorset. AAP
Being on this side of the world, I’m fully aware that everyone is laughing at the English. Look at them, with their “stifling” heat, sunbathing in their gardens and complaining that it’s just too hot to bear. Can you believe they’re complaining that they can’t sleep? That’s an average day here in January! Last week, soldiers parading during the Queen’s Trooping the Colour in London fainted from standing outside for too long (we should note that they were wearing bearskin, and do a very impressive job). 
So, I’m here to defend my nation. This is why the pommies just can’t shut up about their heatwave:
– Temperatures have reached 33 degrees. Sure, it’s not the scorching 40+ we get in Australia, but to a country with an average summertime temperature of 14.8 °C, that’s really bloody warm. 

Yes, it happens every year. Yes,…

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