Important Information About Self Directed 401(k) Plan

Self directed IRA is a retirement investment plan that helps you save for your golden days. This plan does not differ from any other 401(k) or IRA plan. The differentiating factor of this plan is that you get to have more investment options with a self directed 401(k) plan.


A lot of retirement plan fund investment custodians only permit investments in mutual funds, approved stocks, bonds, and CDs. On the other hand, most self directed 401(k) custodians will allow investments in these avenues plus other routes of investment including but not limited to real estate, notes, private placements, tax lien certificates and more. 


It is obvious that self directed 401(k) offer many benefits. The number one benefit is the ability to take part in the decision making process. You can cite an investment of this kind to your custodian and have the ability of creating more wealth.


Self directed 401(k) has a set of rules and regulations that you must know before investing in such an asset. You can get details of the rules in the IRS publications. You should go through publications number 560 and 590 to know more about self directed 401(k) plans. There are also some additional rules and codes on IRAs spelt out by the IRS that you should come to grips with.


IRS also ensures that all types of self directed 401(k)s comply with the rules stated by them. Therefore, it is a good idea to know about these rules in detail. Another important thing to know about self directed 401(k)s is that there are a few transactions that are strictly prohibited when you invest in self directed 401(k)s. For example, self directed investments are put in the light of this matter. This is where you or family members of descending lineage get to have aforementioned ownership of the plan.


Another important thing that you must fully understand is that your investment is not guaranteed under self directed 401(k) plan. Only FDIC-insured deposits have guarantees. This makes it more risky to…

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