If you work hard, everything will be okay mantra



I don’t know how often I have been told by people saying that you have to work very hard. What they often mentioned to me had been: When you work very hard, everything will work out okay. This mindset is still pretty popular. Even now, I pick up this particular word through a lot of people, such as my friends, co-workers and even my supervisors.


Nonetheless, millions of people were lost his or her work and most of their pension saving due to last financial crisis despite the fact they work really hard. It appears that this is simply not really working. Even if there are lots of instances that this method isn’t working, lots of people are even now cling to this concept.


It definitely does not indicate that you’re able to be successful without working hard. Success can take hard work. Instead, it is important to question “What are you working for”. Without the proper long term target of your goal, your effort is going to be totally lost. Asking this question sooner or later results in final conclusion of precisely what you need to target right away to be able to obtain your ultimate goal.


Most people I met without doubt worked very hard however they are working hard without having long-term focus in mind other than making their living. For this reason, outcome their effort is always the same; these people will never get ahead in their life.


Conversely, successful individuals I’ve met are almost always planning ahead. They’re continually asking themselves this question: What have got to they do right this moment in order to get what they want. To put it differently, successful individuals have clear goal and know exactly what they need to be doing to achieve their goals.


Once more, success surely involves hard work but without clear goal, prehaps you are wasting your time. When people told you that “if you work very hard, then everything is alright”. You must ask yourself “work hard for what”. Crystal clear focus is important to be successful. 

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