HR rules& regulation : A must for Effective organisational restructuring

What do mean? What is HR anyway? HR refers to the collection of the activities related to the people of any company or organisation. In your job, you will see notable increase in the responsibilities while working in a team of people. But there is more to it than that. You will be charged with knowing & following a number of policies, procedures, rules & regulations  that are Human resources related, “HR” for short. There are many professional placement consultants who are known for their consulting, training & placement services. They provide the quality candidates at every good round time to esteemed client.


 HR rules & regulations are important if your company wants to implement consistent, well –  written & legal  format in order to maximise the effectiveness by managing  job performance  & behaviour in the workplace. HR rules & regulations are really responsibilities that relies heavily on informed line supervisors who have major key role in getting the work done effectively, safely and to the standards.


Here is  the brief introduction to top HR rules & regulations that all members  should know and heed. Drum roll please!


Know your company’s policies : Be sure you understand the practices of the company. Perhaps the most significant thing to know  that you  are the company. Pay particular attention to the policies regarding vacations, other paid or unpaid leaves. You will also have to know how your company handles employees who are absent or late to work. The watch word here is “consistency”.  Company policies need to be applied consistently to everyone there without any discrimination.


Employees have right : All the  employees have certain rights under the variety of federal rights.You should be aware of those rights to make sure that you do not violate them, thereby exposing your company and yourself to the legal liabilities. Equal employment laws applies to both the applicant for job and to one’s working currently in the very…

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