How to get the most out of Windows 10’s Sticky Notes app with a Task View desktop


Windows 10’s Task View virtual desktop feature allows you to spread out all the applications you’re using for your various projects among multiple desktops. For example, on each desktop you could have the applications and documents pertaining to a particular task. When you need to jump from one task to another, you just switch desktops. Then, when you’re ready to go back to your previous task, you can switch back to that desktop, and everything you were working with is right there on the screen waiting for you—no minimizing and maximizing windows to get back to work. And each desktop has its own Taskbar that displays only those applications that are on that desktop. It’s an efficient system, and it allows you to be more organized.

Sticky Notes, one of the Windows Store Apps that comes pre-installed in Windows 10, allows you to mimic the little Post-it notes we all stick around the edges of our monitors to remind us of various things. I’ve used the various versions of Sticky Notes since Windows Vista and while I found them useful, I always bumped into various little issues that discouraged me from using them to their full potential. For example, if I minimized Sticky Notes and then forgot to restore, I’d miss out on any reminders, which of course defeated the purpose.

However, since I have been using Windows 10, I’ve discovered that the Task View virtual desktop feature allows me to keep my notes handy but out of the way of my regular work. More specifically, I do my main work on desktops 1 and 2 and keep all my notes open on desktops 3 and 4. Along with the feature improvements made to Sticky Notes in Windows 10, I’m now really taking full advantage of all that this app has to offer.

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