How to Find Out Which Version of Android You Have

Each year Google releases a major update to its Android operating system. In August 2016 it was the turn of Android 7, also known as Nougat, and Android 8 is expected to appear in the winter of 2017 bearing a suitably food-related nickname beginning with the letter O. Maybe Oreo?

These new versions come with advanced features, such as those we’ll see in Android 8, but there’s no guarantee that the latest version will be automatically arrive on your device.

So how can you check which version of Android you currently have? We show you the few easy steps it takes to unveil this mystery.  

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How can I tell what version of Android is on my phone?

Finding this information is actually easier than you might think. Open up the Settings app that you’ll find in the App draw (the list of apps that appears when you press the Apps button on the Home screen) or swipe your finger down from the top of the screen and look for a cog-shaped icon.

Once you’re in Settings scroll down to the bottom until you find the About Device option. Tap this, then look for Software Info or something very similar.


When you’ve located Software Info, tap it, then at the top of the next page should be the heading Android Version, with the number displayed below.

Which version of Android should I be using?

One of the downsides of Android, when it comes to getting the latest version, is that it can take quite a long time for some hardware manufacturers (or mobile operators) to customise the new software and make it available for users. In some cases, devices never get any major updates at all.

This is due to the fact that the manufacturers and mobile services providers (BT, Vodaphone, EE, etc.) have to approve each update before it can be sent to a device. With so many Android handsets available it often means that less popular models get left behind or find themselves at the back of the queue.

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