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How to Enable Android O’s Picture-in-Picture Mode Right Now

The first developer preview of Android O was released last week, bringing tons of new features and goodies for Android enthusiasts with supported devices. However, not all of the announced features were available to try out right off the bat. Possibly the single biggest feature from the Android O announcement, Picture-in-Picture mode, was nowhere to be seen.

The good news is that PiP mode already exists on Android TV devices running Android Nougat. The even better news is that activating PiP mode is the same on Android O as it is on Android TV. It’s a fairly simple process, but can get confusing if this is your first time tinkering with Developer options or the System UI Tuner. Not to worry, though, we’re here to walk you through the entire process, since Picture-in-Picture is pretty cool, and everyone deserves to try it out at least once.


Step 1: Enable the System UI Tuner Menu

In order to toggle Picture-in-Picture mode, we first have to add an extra button to the navigation bar. This additional button can only be added through the hidden System UI Tuner menu, so go ahead and enable it by holding down on the gear icon at the top of the fully expanded Quick Settings panel.

Step 2: Add an Extra Button

Once you’ve enabled the System UI Tuner, locate it in Settings -> System -> System UI Tuner. Then, go ahead and tap on the “Navigation bar” entry.

Here, you’ll see options for adding extra left and right navigation bar buttons. Go ahead and tap on either of them and select “Keycode,” then tap on the new “Right keycode” or “Left keycode” option corresponding with your placement choice. A text input field will pop up, so enter 171 here. Then, tap on “Right icon” or “Left icon,” and select the icon you want to represent PiP.

At this point, your navigation bar should now have an…

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