How low can you go? Dry(ish) January needn’t be a fun-free zone – if you always look on the light side of life


Olly Smith Event for The Mail on Sunday

For those ruthlessly parching themselves with Dry January, I have the perfect description of alcohol-free wine: grape juice. I’ve yet to taste an alcohol-free wine that doesn’t make me want to curl up into a ball and hum Always Look On The Bright Side Of Life until the doom subsides. But happily there are some alternatives to wine, and even genuine wines that are naturally low in alcohol, to ease yourself into a more abstemious regime this new year.

There’s no shame in a spritzer. Sparkling water, ice and a slice added to a good-value white wine is the easiest shortcut to paring your intake. Whites with lower booze levels from cooler places are my prime picks – English Bacchus, France’s Loire and German…


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