How about virtual online prize games while visiting theme parks?

Between all the games and check-in apps on your phone, how many badges and other virtual rewards have you won?

If you’re like me, you probably long ago lost count of the total. But we seem to love going after and winning all those badges and rewards, spending ever more time on our phones collecting them. Skinner was right. Reinforcement works.

I thought about this when I “won” a cat on my most recent trip through Toy Story Midway Mania at Disney California Adventure. After the ride, I went to go check the Disneyland app to see the wait times for other rides in the park. Then I wondered, why I can’t that app store all those virtual prizes I’ve won on Midway Mania over the years?

Disney gives me virtual prizes. Disney has an app, shouldn’t one and one go together here?

And that got me thinking about what a visit to the Disneyland Resort, or other local theme parks, would be like if we did earn virtual badges and the like on our trips.

Right now, Disneyland’s app doesn’t do much to track your activity in the park, though Disneyland announced Wednesday that it would start selling a “MaxPass” that would enable visitors to manage their Fastpass reservations via the app, for $10 per person per day.

But at the Walt Disney World Resort in Florida, Disney’s app does manage your return times for rides, shows and restaurants through the resort’s Fastpass Plus system and are used with their MagicBands.

One of the goals of the Fastpass Plus system is to manage the flow of guests throughout the parks, steering visitors toward making reservations on less-crowded attractions rather than just leaving them hit up the same, long standby queues for the popular rides. Imagine what a virtual badge reward system could do to help that along, too.

Want to earn that “Adventureland Explorer” badge on the app? You’ve got to check in by going through the entrance at the Tiki Room and the Treehouse in addition to the Jungle Cruise and Indiana Jones….

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