Hinges with Integrated Blumotion, the Durable Alternative for Drawer Operations Supporting up to 150 Lbs

Outwater Industries offers a large variety of hinges and drawer slides including their Blum Hardware collection. This collection includes the highest-quality hinges and drawer slides that the industry has to offer and each piece features durability and superb design that Blum Hardware is known for. Both the drawer slides and concealed hinges are manufactured from high quality materials that provide a great finish and long lasting durability for your product. The concealed hinges are available in a variety of different styles such as Euro Hinge Style and 100 Degree Hinges. All of Blum’s concealed hinges feature 3D adjustments, integrated blumotion or add on blumotion, and also have a lifetime warranty available.

These concealed hinges, once installed, are easily hidden when the cabinet doors are open and won’t take away from any design style. They are available for face frame, frameless, full and partial overlay, and inset applications. The variety of available applications makes these hinges very multifunctional. The concealed hinges also have a range of opening degrees from 65 degrees to 170 degrees and the blumotion hinges have integrated soft close mechanisms which keeps the cabinet doors from slamming shut and eliminates unnecessary noise.

Outwater Industries also offers the Blum Hardware drawer slides. These top-of-the-line drawer slides are full extension concealed drawer runners that feature tandem smooth running action. These particular drawer slides work best with panel or blocked-out face frame cabinets and have elongated holes for depth adjustment. Similarly, to the concealed hinges, the drawer slides also feature blumotion or soft close mechanisms. The integrated blumotion allows the cabinet drawer to be shut without slamming or extra noise. The Blum Hardware drawer slides have up to 150lb. static…

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